Bronx Co-ops Look to Co-op City as an urban housing model

Let’s begin with a trivia question: Where is the world’s largest co-op development located? If you answered “the Bronx,” you’re correct! Today we are going to shine the spotlight on Co-op City, one of the most well-known Bronx co-ops in real estate.

A Brief History of Co-op City

Spring 1966 was a historic time in Bronx real estate, as it marked the groundbreaking of Co-op City. This development was intended to provide affordable housing for middle-class New York City residents. Did it accomplish this goal? Analysts have their opinions, but one thing is certain: the development started a lasting trend in Bronx co-ops.

Co-op City Stats

When we say that Co-op City is the largest co-op development in the world, we mean it! The community spans across 320 acres of land, and consists of 35 high-rise buildings and seven townhome groups. These structures provide more than 15,000 housing units for a population of roughly 45,000 residents.

The commitment to green space makes this community stand out from other Bronx co-ops. Only 20% of the community’s 320 acres are developed, leaving plenty of room for parks and open areas.

A Self-Contained Development

Co-op City can’t be accused of false advertising, because it is truly a city within a city. It remains one of the most self-sufficient Bronx co-ops available. It is home to schools, a newspaper, shopping centers and a power plant.

Amenities That Keep You Comfortable

One of the perks to co-op living is the amenities, and Co-op City is no exception. At Co-op City, residents receive:

  • 24/7 emergency maintenance.
  • 24-hour private police patrol.
  • Storage rental.
  • Indoor parking leases.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Terraces in some units.

See Bronx Co-ops for Yourself!

If you are more interested in Bronx co-ops than ever before, it’s a great time to explore your options! Kenny and Annecy Fuentes will use their real estate expertise to help you break into the co-op market. Get in touch today to learn more about co-op living in the Bronx!