Pest Control

Pest Control

Mice, cockroaches, ants, termites and bedbugs don’t exactly make great pets. If these critters are lurking in and around your home, it’s time to call a reliable Bronx pest control service. At Bronx Agents, we maintain a list of local pest control providers so that you can remedy this common problem quickly.

Why Should I Hire a Pest Control Service?

Pest control is the removal of unwanted “critters” from your home and it’s surroundings. If you feel like insects, rodents or other creepy-crawlies are invading your space, then it’s time to make the call. Here is a list of services that your local pest control provider will offer:

  • Assess and treat a current infestation.
  • Annual pest inspections.
  • Preventative services, such as sealing potential points of entry.
Selecting a Pest Control Service

Since pest control sometimes involves chemical agents, it is important to select the right professional to maintain a safe and critter-free home. Here are a few critical steps to take during your search:

  • Ensure that the company’s employees possess the proper certifications and licenses to apply commercial pesticides.
  • Ask for references and verify them.
  • Ask to review the labels for the pesticides that they will use.
  • Determine if a guarantee applies in your situation.
Need a Referral?

If you are facing a pest problem, Bronx Agents can put you in touch with a solution. Contact us today for a list of licensed Bronx pest control services and bid farewell to unwelcome critters!