Free Home Estimate

Free Home Estimate

When it’s time to sell your home, the right price can make or break your transaction. At Bronx Agents, we offer a free home estimate to price your home fairly to all parties.

Our free home estimate consists of a comparative market analysis and a property appraisal. Although these common real estate terms may be intimidating to the average seller, their meanings are simple:

• A comparative market analysis takes information from the sale of area properties to determine how much a buyer might be willing to spend for your home.

• A property appraisal determines how much money a bank is likely to lend to a buyer to purchase your home.

At Bronx Agents, we believe that a home estimate is so critical to a successful sale that we offer this process free to our valued clients. Here are a few important benefits to a well-executed home estimate:

• A comprehensive home estimate ultimately attracts serious buyers by placing a fair price on your property.

• Our free home estimate reduces the amount of time that your property spends on the market.

• Information from our free home estimate can be used during showings or open houses to increase buyer confidence.

•Our free home estimate puts the maximum amount of money in your pocket by avoiding a too-low price tag.

At Bronx Agents, we want to make your real estate transaction a successful one. Contact us today for your free home estimate!