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19 March

Bronx Real Estate Agents Weigh in on Why They Embrace the Borough

If you're checking out Bronx real estate, you might hear conflicting reviews. Some people dwell on the borough's gritty past, while others focus on its current assets. We live here, so we're partial to the positives. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide if you want to pursue Bronx real…

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12 March

Bronx Condos Offer Luxury for Less

You already know that the Bronx is the borough with attitude, but have you heard that the streets are shedding their rough-and-tumble reputation? Die-hard Manhattanites are leaving their tiny apartments in search of more, and rumor has it that Bronx condos can deliver. When you think of luxurious living, the…

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8 March

Bronx Co-ops: A Quick Guide To Purchasing These Real Estate Winners!

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or you've been around the proverbial real estate block, the mere mention of Bronx co-ops might make you think of a complicated application process, an intimidating board interview and strict rules. Here's the deal: If you don't consider co-ops in your urban home search,…

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23 February

Bronx Homes for Sale: Pre-Qualifications vs. Pre-Approvals

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced homeowner checking out Bronx homes for sale, the lingo is bound to get tricky. Your real estate agent is there to help you navigate this unfamiliar territory, but sometimes it's nice to understand what's being said without needing to ask! Today's…

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16 February

Perk up Bronx Apartment Rentals With These Low-Cost Solutions!

Bronx apartment rentals have taken on the unexpected roles of a home office, comfort zone, and happy hour hotspot for the past year. We wouldn't blame you if you're getting tired of seeing the same old neutral walls, chipped countertops, and tired flooring. While you can't start ripping up your…

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9 February

Looking To Sell in the Bronx: Seller FAQ’s Part Two

A few weeks ago, we answered four of a home seller's most frequently asked questions. That was a solid start, but in our experience, homeowners who are looking to sell in the Bronx have far more than four questions! Today we are going to tackle four more questions taken directly…

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2 February

Bronx Real Estate: Four Reasons To Consider a Fixer-Upper

If you think it's impossible to score a real estate deal in New York City, we dare you to step out of Manhattan and visit us in the Bronx. Here you'll find hard-working people, rich culture, and a little more breathing room. If you are willing to pick up a…

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26 January

Giving Bronx Condos a New Look After a Long Year

Since COVID-19 came to New York City nearly one year ago, we've been spending more time at home than ever before. Minor imperfections in your home that you never noticed are now glaring eyesores. Has your time at home forced you to realize that your digs are in dire need…

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21 January

Living Large in Bronx Co-Ops: Making a Small Space Seem Bigger

We're going to begin today's post with a trivia question! Which New York City borough is: Known as the birthplace of hip-hop music? Features the largest park in New York City? Home to the largest co-op housing development in the world? If you guessed the Bronx, you're correct! It sounds…

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13 January

Bronx Homes for Sale: Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Tour

One year ago, carefree real estate buyers were spending their Saturdays dropping in on open houses to get an in-person feel for homes on the market. Let's fast-forward to today. With COVID-19 still dominating news headlines in the Bronx, open houses are a no-go. Our clients are checking out Bronx…

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6 January

Bronx Apartment Rentals: Three Tips for Finding a Roommate

Even though urbanites flock to the Bronx from Manhattan to escape soaring rental costs, it doesn't mean that the Bronx is dirt-cheap. How can you afford prime Bronx apartment rentals on a budget? Roommates might be your answer. If you are bristling at the thought of sharing your space, understand…

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31 December

Looking To Sell in the Bronx: Answers To Your Top Questions

If you are looking to sell in the Bronx, your head is probably swimming with questions. Selling a home is exciting and confusing all at once, so we expected that! Today we are going to answer four of our clients' most common questions about the home-selling process. Question #1: When…

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28 December

Your Bronx Real Estate Decision: Adding Local Schools Into the Mix

When you are in the market for Bronx real estate, local schools are important. Even if you don't have children and have no plans to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet in your home, it's a smart move to consider the quality of the schools in your soon-to-be new neighborhood.…

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18 December

Buying Bronx Condos: Important Questions To Ask

Are you longing for your own piece of urban real estate? Bronx condos are a great way to get your feet wet in New York City's fast-paced real estate market. Let's take a look at five questions you'll need to ask before you go from potential buyer to condo owner.…

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14 December

Bronx Co-Ops: A Tour of Three Units

If you're having trouble picturing Bronx co-ops, the best thing to do is see them for yourself. With COVID-19 cases rising in New York City, an in-person tour might not be possible. Join us on a virtual tour of three different Bronx co-op units and experience three distinctly different housing…

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4 December

Bronx Homes for Sale: A Neighborhood Tour

If you are planning a move to or within New York City, have you considered the Bronx? Bronx homes for sale are found in some of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in New York City and within walking distance of nationally-known points of interest. Get ready, because today we are going…

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30 November

Bronx Apartment Rentals: A Guide to Virtual Tours

Even before Covid-19, technology was changing the way we approach apartment tours. Since last March, virtual tours have become standard during the apartment rental process. If you aren't tech-savvy, don't run and hide! Virtual tours are a simple and convenient way to see Bronx apartment rentals up close. The Pros…

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18 November

Looking To Sell in the Bronx: Tips and Tricks

After a long, Covid-induced hiatus, New York City's real estate market is heating up. If the global pandemic forced you to put your real estate transactions on hold, we want to tell you that it's time to revisit those plans. If you are looking to sell in the Bronx, let's…

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11 November

Bronx Real Estate: The Ideal Time To Buy

Bronx real estate price drops seem to be the theme over the past year. According to a recent report published by RealtyHop, three Bronx neighborhoods have noted a drop in real estate prices between August 2019 and August 2020. Here's a brief rundown on these price plummets: Mott Haven-Port Morris…

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4 November

Bronx Condos Steal the Show in Real Estate

As you search for a place to call home in the Bronx, did you know that you don't have to focus on "For Rent" signs? You'll see plenty of "For Sale" listings, indicating that the property just might be a condominium. If you're curious about all the buzz around Bronx…

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