Bronx Apartment Rentals: Three Tips for Finding a Roommate

Even though urbanites flock to the Bronx from Manhattan to escape soaring rental costs, it doesn’t mean that the Bronx is dirt-cheap. How can you afford prime Bronx apartment rentals on a budget? Roommates might be your answer.

If you are bristling at the thought of sharing your space, understand that roommates are commonplace in the Bronx. Not only is it typical, but living with a roommate can also be a pleasant experience!

How can you tell if a potential roommate will turn out to be a friend, foe or something in between? While there are no guarantees, here are three top tips for selecting a roommate that will increase your odds of having a positive experience in Bronx apartment rentals.

If you are interviewing roommates, ask about deal-breaking habits.

If there are certain situations that you can’t imagine living in, ask about those during a roommate interview. Perhaps you like a quiet home but your potential roommate is a social butterfly. Or maybe they have habits that you find unsavory, such as smoking or recreational drug use. If you catch wind of any deal-breakers during a roommate interview, move on to the next candidate looking for Bronx apartment rentals.

Be honest about your deal-breaking habits.

We know that you need a roommate in the worst way, but if a potential roommate asks questions about your habits, please answer honestly. You’ll get off to a rocky start with your future roomie if you neglect to mention your love for loud music or your hard-to-kick smoking habit.

Make sure your future roommate can afford your digs.

You’re entering the roommate game to make it easier to afford Bronx apartment rentals. A roommate who can’t pay the bills will take you down along with them. It might seem a little personal, but find out as much as you can about your potential roommate’s income. Be honest about other living expenses, such as HOA fees and utilities.

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