Giving Bronx Condos a New Look After a Long Year

Since COVID-19 came to New York City nearly one year ago, we’ve been spending more time at home than ever before. Minor imperfections in your home that you never noticed are now glaring eyesores.

Has your time at home forced you to realize that your digs are in dire need of an update? If you live in Bronx condos, renovations can be tricky. Finding someone to do the work, navigating HOA regulations and financial constraints can all put a wrench in your plans.

If you want to give your condo a makeover, we say go for it! Here are our top tips for renovation success in Bronx condos:

Tip #1: Check with your HOA.

Yes, you own your condo. When it comes to HOA living, that doesn’t necessarily mean that anything goes. Review the rules to determine if your plans to turn your extra bedroom into a recording studio could be frowned upon by your HOA.

Tip #2: If you live in a multi-family building, remember that you’re sharing the structure with others.

Since most Bronx condos are in multi-family buildings, certain massive overhauls don’t work. You share walls, pipes and electrical wiring with your neighbors. Talk to a pro to determine if your big ideas need to be scaled down a bit.

Tip #3: Splurge on high-return renovations.

If you have a long list of updates that you want to accomplish, you might want to focus on the ones that will yield the highest return if you decide to sell. New kitchen cabinets, hardwood flooring and modernized bathrooms are timeless updates that buyers view favorably.

Tip #4: Find a professional who specializes in Bronx condos.

Increased liability and the logistics of getting the work done in a multi-family building make some contractors run in the opposite direction. Find one that will meet your condo renovation project head-on for the best results!

If you’re thinking about giving your condo a new look, Kenny and Annecy Fuentes can help! Get in touch with them today for a list of local contractors who are ready to tackle your project!