Living Large in Bronx Co-Ops: Making a Small Space Seem Bigger

We’re going to begin today’s post with a trivia question! Which New York City borough is:

  • Known as the birthplace of hip-hop music?
  • Features the largest park in New York City?
  • Home to the largest co-op housing development in the world?

If you guessed the Bronx, you’re correct! It sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? Home buyers who want to experience this excitement are exploring Bronx co-ops to live affordably in the borough.

If you are coming to a co-op from a single-family home, you’ll notice that Bronx co-ops are more compact than your current digs. Whether you are new to co-ops or a long-time resident, here are a few hints to make your co-op feel like a palace!

1. Paint your walls a light color. Check your co-op rules to see if interior paint is allowed. If painting is prohibited, go with light-hued furniture instead.

2. Illuminate your corners. Overhead lighting might be scarce in Bronx co-ops. Place lamps in the corners of your living area to instantly enlarge the space.

3. Select furniture pieces that pull double-duty as storage solutions. Use a large chest as a coffee table, or invest in end tables with roomy drawers. Think of other creative ways to disguise clutter with attractive furniture!

4. Use rugs to define your space. Where are my studio dwellers? This tip is for you! Get two large rugs that suit your style. Arrange your living area around one and your sleeping area around the other. You just created two rooms out of one!

5. Go big with your decor. Instead of several small prints, hang one large statement piece of art. Instead of handfuls of small knick-knacks on your shelves, stick with a few large items that make a visual impact. It’s OK to leave some walls blank too!

Maybe your co-op won’t be as spacious as a palace, but these tips will definitely make it seem larger! Get in touch with Kenny and Annecy Fuentes today to learn more about the wonderful world of Bronx co-ops!