Bronx Real Estate: Four Reasons To Consider a Fixer-Upper

If you think it’s impossible to score a real estate deal in New York City, we dare you to step out of Manhattan and visit us in the Bronx. Here you’ll find hard-working people, rich culture, and a little more breathing room. If you are willing to pick up a fixer-upper, you’ll be rewarded even more with a low-priced piece of Bronx real estate.

We know you’re slamming on the brakes at the mention of a fixer-upper, and we understand why. When you purchase a fixer-upper, you’re committing to a home improvement project.

That project might pay off in the long run. If Bronx real estate is on your mind, here are a few reasons that a fixer-upper might be the way to go:

Reason #1: Unbeatable prices.

It’s no secret that fixer-uppers boast a lower price tag than their move-in ready counterparts. If you’re willing to take on a project, you can own a prime piece of Bronx real estate for less!

Reason #2: The opportunity to make it unique.

In a sea of apartments that all look alike, wouldn’t it be great to own a home that reflects your personality? A fixer-upper allows you to take a nondescript piece of Bronx real estate and make it your own!

Reason #3: You might find a home with potential in a neighborhood that you otherwise can’t afford.

Are you in love with Morris Park or Riverdale but not in love with their high real estate prices? A fixer-upper could help you get your foot in the door of these sought-after neighborhoods.

Reason #4: You might qualify for an attractive loan option.

There are specific mortgage programs available to buyers who want to rehabilitate a property. You can borrow money to purchase the home and make renovations at a competitive interest rate.

If you are willing to open your property search to fixer-uppers in the Bronx, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find! Connect with Kenny and Annecy Fuentes today to learn more about current Bronx real estate opportunities.