Bronx Homes for Sale: A Neighborhood Tour

If you are planning a move to or within New York City, have you considered the Bronx? Bronx homes for sale are found in some of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in New York City and within walking distance of nationally-known points of interest. Get ready, because today we are going to embark on a virtual tour of five Bronx neighborhoods!


Baseball fans know all about Concourse because it is home to Yankee Stadium. The Bronx Museum of the Arts is also located here. Bronx homes for sale throughout Concourse primarily consist of multi-family arrangements.


Our next stop is Fordham, home to the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden. On a practical note, Fordham also has several chains and specialty stores lining the main drag. Bronx homes for sale in Fordham are seen in multi-family buildings, condos and single-family homes, with multi-family arrangements being most prevalent.


As we stroll Riverdale’s tree-lined streets, you will probably feel more like you are visiting the suburbs rather than a New York City neighborhood. That’s the beauty of this community! People who want the convenience of urban living with the serenity of the suburbs flock to Riverdale. You are more likely to find a single-family home here, especially if you have a healthy housing budget.


We hope you wore comfortable walking shoes because our Kingbridge visit will take us through some rather unusual urban terrain! Hills and staircases add visual interest to the landscape. The variety of Bronx homes for sale that you will see in Kingsbridge mimic those in Riverdale, however, the price tag tends to be lower.

Pelham Bay
If you crave green space in an urban setting, Pelham Bay might be the place for you. This Bronx neighborhood is named after adjacent Pelham Bay Park, which is the largest park in New York City. Pelham Bay residents enjoy a diverse community with easy access to public transportation.

That’s the end of our tour for today! If you enjoyed it, get in touch with Kenny and Annecy Fuentes to learn more about Bronx homes for sale!