Bronx Condos Steal the Show in Real Estate

As you search for a place to call home in the Bronx, did you know that you don’t have to focus on “For Rent” signs? You’ll see plenty of “For Sale” listings, indicating that the property just might be a condominium. If you’re curious about all the buzz around Bronx condos in 2020, here’s the scoop!

Amenities Accent Condominium Life

Why is everyone clamoring after Bronx condos? For starters, they might come with some pretty posh amenities. You probably won’t find a condo that has it all, but you might come close! Here are a few extras that you might see:

  • Maintenance services might be provided by the building association for an additional fee.
  • Your unit might feature a private balcony or terrace to take in the city skyline.
  • In-unit laundry is practically unheard of in the Bronx, but you might find a condo that has it!
  • Private green space is another rarity, but a few condo residents are lucky enough to have their own area to cultivate.
  • Condos sometimes include updates such as new appliances, fresh carpet or modern finishes.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go for a Condo!

When it comes to Bronx condos, the race is on! Demand is high, but inventory is slim for these shining stars of New York City real estate. Trust Kenny and Annecy Fuentes to help you finish strong in the real estate race.

Before you get attached to a condo, remember that a mortgage pre-approval is key in a competitive market. A mortgage pre-approval indicates that you are a serious buyer and increases the seller’s confidence in your ability to complete the transaction successfully. Have this valuable information in hand before you start your condo search.

Your Investment, Your Home, Your Condo

Here is the major take-home message: Bronx condos are on everyone’s radar right now, but their availability is limited. Kenny and Annecy Fuentes are real estate experts who will help you gain a leading edge in the race for a condo. Get in touch with them today to see what’s available!