Bronx Real Estate Agents Weigh in on Why They Embrace the Borough

If you’re checking out Bronx real estate, you might hear conflicting reviews. Some people dwell on the borough’s gritty past, while others focus on its current assets.

We live here, so we’re partial to the positives. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if you want to pursue Bronx real estate. We’re just here to spread good vibes about the community we love.

We challenged ourselves to come up with three reasons why the Bronx is number one in our hearts. It was difficult to come up with only three, but here they are, in no particular order:

  • The Bronx has the largest park in New York City.
    You thought that the largest park in NYC was Central Park, didn’t you? It’s actually Pelham Bay Park, located right here in the Bronx. Hiking trails, athletic fields, two golf courses, and more are waiting to welcome stir-crazy city dwellers.

    If that’s not enough, Pelham Bay Park is home to the only beach in the Bronx. Orchard Beach is an urban retreat on a hot day. Some people even call it Bronx Riviera!

  • Bronx real estate offers more for less.
    If you’re browsing Bronx real estate listings after living in Manhattan, you’ll think that the square footage numbers are misprints! You can find residences with at least 1,000 square feet on the market for less than $300,000 in several Bronx neighborhoods.
  • The Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Garden are at your doorstep.
    Think of how amazing it would be to live within walking distance of these renowned attractions! Whether you are looking for something to do with visiting family or you simply want to steal a quiet afternoon to yourself, we can’t think of better places to do either.

We said we would only list three reasons to love the Bronx, but we can’t close without mentioning the delicious food, exciting nightlife, and of course, our beloved Yankees!

If you are interested in Bronx real estate, get in touch with local real estate experts Kenny and Annecy Fuentes. They would be happy to show you around the borough!