Bronx Apartment Rentals: A Guide to Virtual Tours

Even before Covid-19, technology was changing the way we approach apartment tours. Since last March, virtual tours have become standard during the apartment rental process. If you aren’t tech-savvy, don’t run and hide! Virtual tours are a simple and convenient way to see Bronx apartment rentals up close.

The Pros of Virtual Tours

What’s all the buzz surrounding virtual tours? Read on to discover the pluses behind this new way to view Bronx apartment rentals.

  • You can check out apartments on your must-see list any time you want. How’s that for convenience?
  • Virtual tours are contactless, which is important while the Bronx manages the Covid crisis.
  • Virtual tours allow you to view Bronx apartment rentals anywhere, even if you live out of state.
  • Virtual tours provide a more detailed look at potential apartments compared to photographs.
  • Virtual tours are easy! Even if your tech know-how is limited, a real estate professional can help you click the right links.

Types of Virtual Tours

As you browse the listings for Bronx apartment rentals, it will be helpful to know these virtual tour terms:

  • 3D virtual tours: With a few clicks, this tour allows you to view an apartment on-screen in 3D. Navigate from room-to-room and enjoy the 3D view at your leisure. You might even be able to explore the building’s common areas.
  • Video tours: This type of tour is as easy as pushing “play” to watch your favorite movie! You’ll see the apartment video-style and be able to pause or rewind the video to get a better look at the details.
  • Video calls: Meet with a rental agent on a video conferencing platform and watch while they take you on a personal tour of an apartment. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive trusted answers in real time.

Do you have more questions about virtual tours as you search for Bronx apartment rentals? Kenny and Annecy Fuentes were experts on this emerging real estate advancement long before Covid arrived. Contact them today to navigate the world of virtual apartment tours!