Perk up Bronx Apartment Rentals With These Low-Cost Solutions!

Bronx apartment rentals have taken on the unexpected roles of a home office, comfort zone, and happy hour hotspot for the past year. We wouldn’t blame you if you’re getting tired of seeing the same old neutral walls, chipped countertops, and tired flooring.

While you can’t start ripping up your carpets or painting your walls neon pink, there are a few things you can do to add interest to a bland rental. Take your apartment from mundane to amazing with these budget-friendly tips:

  • Accent with art. Whether you settle on a large statement piece or a gallery-style collection of smaller works, art brings style to your space in an instant. A word of advice: Read the fine print on your lease to determine if nailing holes in the wall will cost you at move-out.
  • Revamp with removable wallpaper. This actually exists, and it’s a godsend for Bronx apartment rentals! Simply stick it on now and peel it off before you vacate. Covering your entire apartment can get pretty pricey, so if you’re pinching pennies, create an accent wall instead.
  • Get fearless with furniture paint. Paint secondhand end tables, dining chairs, desks, or other furniture pieces with a color that suits your fancy. The best part: If you don’t like your color choice, simply paint over it!
  • Mask worn-out floors with fashionable rugs. Use large rugs to define living spaces in small Bronx apartment rentals and small rugs to cover shabby spots by the front door and kitchen sink. If you’re feeling extra-creative, layer rugs for a totally unique effect!
  • Tatoo your tile. No ink required! Use these stick-on, easy-to-remove decals to add a little life to your kitchen or bathroom tile. Tatoo a few or cover them all, depending on your budget.

Kenny and Annecy Fuentes of Team Fuentes want to help. Get in touch with them today to learn more about available Bronx apartment rentals. With a little creativity and a free afternoon, you can transform your apartment from a nondescript rental to a lively home that reflects your personality!