Bronx Homes for Sale: Popularity Surges in a Buyer’s Market

The Bronx has a long-standing reputation for possessing a tough exterior compared to neighboring New York City boroughs. In recent years, homebuyers have looked past the urban grit and found real estate gems with lower price tags compared to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Today, the secret is out: Bronx homes for sale are trendy, affordable and the place to be for New York City dwellers.

Fall 2020 Favors Buyers in the Bronx

This fall, it’s a buyer’s market in the Bronx. If you are entering the real estate realm as a buyer, you’ll find plenty of Bronx homes for sale in a wide range of styles and prices. Here are a few examples of what you’ll see:

  • A small co-op apartment for one was recently listed at $55,000.
  • A co-op with a little more room to roam just sold for approximately $209,000.
  • A single-family home with plenty of extra space for the kids spent a short time on the market, selling for $700,000.

Crunching the Numbers: September 2020 Bronx Real Estate Trends

According to, the current median list price of Bronx homes for sale is $550,000. This shows a 5.8% increase from last year. The median home sale price in the Bronx is $475,000.

Let’s compare these numbers to the real estate stats in Manhattan. Currently, the median list price for a home in Manhattan is $1.3 million, and the median sale price is $1.2 million. Given this info, it’s easy to understand why buyers are finally giving the Bronx a chance.

What’s Available in the Bronx?

As you search the listings of Bronx homes for sale, you will see all housing styles represented. Here is a short list of what you’ll find:

  • Co-ops.
  • Townhomes.
  • Duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes.
  • Single-family homes.
  • Multi-family investment opportunities.

More for Your Money

Now you know: the Bronx offers more. It has more space, more amenities and more breathing room, all for a lower price tag. As you search for your New York City home, don’t forget to put a few Bronx homes for sale on your list!